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Alex Gitto

Alex Gitto, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Geomorphic Systems Analyst
T. (519) 826-0419 ext. 35

icon Areas of Expertise:

Geomorphic Assessments – Channel Design – Erosion Hazard Assessments – Sediment Transport Assessments - Environmental Monitoring

Alex is a Geomorphic Systems Analyst with a strong background in fluvial geomorphology based on work and research completed as part of his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in physical geography. His work completed as part of these degrees included research on the variability of suspended sediment sampling and bedload transport paths in large braided river systems. Alex’s field experience includes the geomorphological assessment of small streams to larger river systems, topographical surveys with RTK GPS and Total Station, and sampling of bed material and suspended sediments. At Beacon, Alex contributes to a variety of fluvial geomorphology projects by undertaking rapid geomorphic assessments, erosion hazard assessments, sediment transport assessments, channel design and environmental monitoring.

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