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Beacon Environmental's core expertise lies in its ability to conduct assessments of aquatic, wetland and terrestrial habitats, with a particular focus on central and southern Ontario. Our staff are certified and experienced in current stream assessment, fisheries assessment and vegetation assessment protocols, as well as standard protocols for surveying birds, herpetofauna and mammals. We inventory and assess flora and vegetation communities, fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, dragonflies and butterflies. Our aquatic ecologists also conduct fish habitat surveys, benthic invertebrate sampling and channel morphology assessments.

Beacon has the capacity to electrofish in shallow and white water conditions with its sturdy and manoevrable CataRaft which provides power capabilities for sampling in both lake and riverine systems which cannot be sampled using backpack units or larger electrofishing boats.  

icon Areas of Expertise:


  • Field Identification of flora and fauna, including species of conservation concern and invasive species
  • Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol
  • Backpack and Boat Electrofishing
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitat Assessment
  • Species at Risk Surveys
  • Fauna Surveys (e.g., birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles)
  • Botanical Surveys
  • Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES) for southern and northern Ontario
  • Ecological Land Classification (ELC) system for southern Ontario
  • Forest Ecosystem Classification (FEC) system for northwestern and northeastern Ontario
  • Natural Heritage Management and Monitoring Recommendations


icon Selected Projects:


  • City of Toronto Potential ESA Study
  • Carling Township Wetland Evaluations, Georgian Bay
  • Ontario Realty Corporation Lands Natural Heritage Assessments, various locations

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