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Beacon Environmental is pleased to offer the services of our Smith-Root SR-17 Electrofishing CataRaft.

Our CataRaft is designed with a 4-stroke engine, 18’ in­flatable pontoons and a sturdy aluminum work deck, making it highly manoeu­vrable and ideal for operating in shallow and white water conditions. It is equipped with a 7.5 GPP electrofishing system which provides power capabilities for sam­pling water that has low to very high conductivity. Our CataRaft is portable and is the perfect option for fish sampling projects in both lake and riverine systems.

The CataRaft is well suited for fish sampling operations where other collection meth­ods such as gill nets, backpack electrofishers, or larger electrofishing boats are not ap­propriate. It is also ideal for fish salvage operations required for projects such as mari­na expansions or stormwater pond maintenance, removals and replacements.

Beacon Environmental staff are trained in the safe operation of our CataRaft and ex­perienced in designing and undertaking aquatic sampling programs that are tailored to fit the needs of a wide range of projects. Beacon Environmental offers the Cata­Raft with a full crew (consisting of an operator and two netters) or with an operator only.

For more information or to discuss how Beacon Environmental’s Electrofishing Cataraft can be used for your project contact Ron Huizer, Senior Ecologist / Principal, at T. (705) 645-1050 ext. 26.

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