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Beacon Environmental's team includes individuals with strong research skills who also have a background and applied experience in the fields of biology and ecology. As part of our work we conduct research in the form of literature reviews or field studies, on specific topics related to terrestrial, wetland or aquatic ecology.

Topics we have researched include: anthropogenic impacts to freshwater wetland functions, buffers and vegetation protection zones, breeding bird responses to habitat fragmentation, climate change impacts to temperate terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, impacts of roads on wildlife, impacts of wind turbines on wildlife, migratory bird dynamics in urban areas, public and private tree by-laws, natural rehabilitation of limestone quarries, plant and wildlife salvage, and wildlife corridors in urban and urbanizing settings.

icon Selected Areas of Expertise:

  • Scientific and Technical Literature Reviews
  • Natural Heritage Policy Reviews
  • Vegetation Community Monitoring
  • Wildlife Monitoring

icon Selected Projects:

  • Review of Wetland EIS Guidelines and Literature Review of Anthropogenic Impacts to Wetland Functions for Conservation Ontario
  • Literature Review of Documented and Anticipated Impacts of Climate Change on Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Literature Review of Potential Impacts of Wind Turbines on Wildlife

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