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Beacon Environmental has the capacity to design, undertake and analyze management and monitoring programs for aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as for water quality. Our staff have developed and implemented monitoring programs in urban and rural settings in locations across Ontario, and have also advised clients on approaches, protocols, and appropriate designs for long-term monitoring.

At Beacon Environmental we also provide specialized site supervision to ensure that specific requirements related to the short and long-term protection of biotic systems are implemented as specified, and that compensation or mitigation activities are implemented as planned.

icon Areas of Expertise:


  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Terrestrial (Vegetation Community) Monitoring
  • Aquatic and Wetland Habitat Monitoring
  • Species at Risk Monitoring
  • Short-term Compliance Monitoring
  • Long-term Ecological Monitoring
  • Site Supervision of Mitigation and Compensation Works
  • Approved Plant and Wildlife Salvage
  • Warranty Inspections for Landscaping


icon Selected Projects:


  • Environmental Monitoring
    • Preparation of Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Priorities and Protocols
    • City of Barrie Surface Water Treatment Plant Environmental Monitoring
    • 16 Mile Creek Holistic Monitoring Program, Town of Milton
  • Site Supervision
    • Windermere Basin Site Supervision of Biological Plans
    • King City Sanitary Sewer Site Supervision, Region of York
    • Credit Valley West Trunk Sewer Environmental Monitoring, Region of Peel

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