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Alex Gitto

Grace Coker, B.Sc.

T. (519) 826-0419 ext. 41

icon Areas of Expertise:

Aquatic Habitat and Fisheries Assessments ~Terrestrial Habitat Assessments ~ Species at Risk Studies ~ Environmental Data Management

Grace is an ecologist with several years of experience in aqautic fieldwork. She majored in Wildlife Biology and Conservation form the University of Guelph. She has completed the ROM Introductory Fish Identification workshop and the Species at Risk workshop to further her fish identification skills. She is certified in Class 2 Backpack Electrofishing and has participated in several projects that require fish relocation and community smapling. Grace has also been involved in the collection and assessment of water quality and stream temperature data. She has successfully completed the Headwaters Drainage Features training course provided by TRCA and is currently in training to become a Certified Inspector of Erosion and Sediment Control (CISEC).

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