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Jo-Anne Lane

Jo-Anne Lane, BSc, MSc

Senior Aquatic Ecologist / Principal
T. (905) 201-7622 ext. 228

icon Areas of Expertise:

Project Management ~ Natural Heritage Studies ~ Aquatic and Fisheries Assessments ~ Aquatic Species at Risk Studies ~ Environmental Impact Assessment ~ Environmental Assessment ~ Fisheries Mitigation and Compensation Plans ~ Peer Review and Expert Witness Testimony

Jo-Anne has over 20 years of applied experience in aquatic habitat assessment, the effects of land use activities on fisheries, recreational fisheries development and aquatic habitat enhancement or creation techniques. She has managed Environmental Assessments for sewage and water supply projects, provincial and regional highways, and power generation and transmission facilities. She also regularly manages Environmental Impact Studies and provides aquatic expertise to larger multi-disciplinary teams. She has specific expertise identifying constraints and opportunities, negotiating habitat compensation measures, and identifying mitigative measures to resolve impacts. She has worked with clients to resolve legislative issues, including compliance with Fisheries Act and related policies, as well as permitting and approvals processes for government agencies of all levels. Jo-Anne has provided technical expertise for subwatershed studies, water management plans and master environmental servicing plans, and has appeared as an expert witness before the Ontario Municipal Board.

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