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Beacon Environmental complements its expertise in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems by also providing water quality impact assessment and, particularly in central Ontario, lake capacity modelling and limnology (i.e., inland lake) studies.

Beacon Environmental's staff have provided technical expertise for integrated resource management plans to guide development and protect natural features (e.g., Magnetawan River, Blind River and Mississagi River), conducted ground water and residential well monitoring in relation to quarry expansion, completed water quality impact assessments for lakes throughout the Muskokas and Parry Sound District (e.g., Muskoka Bay,  Clear Lake, Fairy Lake), and utilized the Lake Capacity Model (LCM 3.0) to assess the feasibility of developing waterfront properties in a number of lakes in central Ontario (e.g., Limerick Lake, Haliburton and Pusey Lakes, 12 Mile Lake).

icon Areas of Expertise:

  • Water Quality Impact Assessment
    • Construction Impacts
    • Development Impacts
    • Inputs from Residential or Commercial Septic Systems
    • Wastewater Treatment Plant Inputs
  • Lake Capacity Modelling (e.g., Lake Capacity Model (LCM) 3.0)
  • Limnological Studies

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