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Lindsey McAlister

Lindsey Waterworth, B.Sc.

Senior Aquatic Ecologist
T. (705) 243-7251 ext. 403

icon Areas of Expertise:

Aquatic Habitat and Fisheries Assessments ~ Support for Natural Heritage Studies, Environmental Assessments, and Environmental Impact Assessment ~ Environmental Monitoring

Lindsey has a strong background in fish and aquatic habitat assessment, and regularly applies these skills to a wide range of environmental projects including Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Assessments. She specializes in fish population evaluations, aquatic habitat assessments, benthic macro-invertebrate sampling, water quality monitoring and is skilled in a variety of assessment and monitoring techniques for both small and large aquatic systems. Lindsey can identify both common and rare aquatic species and is knowledgeable about their life processes and habitat requirements. She is familiar with provincial and federal environmental regulatory procedures, and able to undertake opportunities and constraints analyses as well as assess potential impacts to the aquatic environment and identify appropriate mitigative options.

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