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Michael Crawford

Michael Crawford, B.Sc., EPt.

Restoration Specialist
T. 519.826.0419 ext. 29

icon Areas of Expertise:

Geomorphic Assessments ~ Environmental Monitoring ~ Site Supervision ~ Ecological Restoration ~ Surveying

Michael is a Restoration Specialist with a wide range of skills from a diverse background in physical geography, ecosystem restoration and skilled trades.  Prior to joining Beacon he has worked in the project management and construction industry where his work included: fish salvage, transportation and restocking strategies; erosion and sediment control plans; and developing dewatering strategies. Michael is well versed in site inspection, monitoring, and conducting topographical surveys using RTK GPS and robotic total station.  He is also proficient with reviewing engineered drawings and is familiar with environmental legislation, acts and policies surrounding conservation in Ontario.  Since joining Beacon, he has been providing support for a range of fluvial geomorphology projects by undertaking field assessments, erosion and sediment control inspections, site supervision of channel works, water quality monitoring, and surveying.    

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