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Natasha Collins

Natasha Collins, B.A., M.L.A.

Landscape Designer (O.A.L.A. Associate Member)/Certified Arborist
T. 519.826.0419 ext. 28

icon Areas of Expertise:

Landscape Design ~ Environmental Design ~ Arboriculture

Natasha Collins is a Landscape Architectural Intern with a Master’s in Landscape Architecture who is currently working towards full CSLA membership. She is also an ISA Certified Arborist. Natasha’s passion is to improve people’s relationship with the natural world through informed ecologically-based landscape design. She has excellent plant identification skills, and extensive knowledge of native plants, and strong ability to read the landscape, as well as knowledge about ecology and ecosystem functions. Prior to joining Beacon, Natasha’s experience included creating residential designs with locally sourced native plants, trail designs, developing outreach programs related to native plantings, vegetation monitoring, and sourcing and collecting native seed from the wild.  Since joining Beacon, she has been providing support for Tree Inventory and Preservation Plans, as well as a range of conceptual and detailed designs for created wetlands and ponds, riparian and woodland buffers, and streetscape plantings for residential developments. 

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