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Beacon Environmental regularly provides input to the natural heritage or environmental components of Official Plan reviews, as well as input to the planning process for natural areas. We also provide strategic advice to both public and private sector clients (including government agencies) on various natural heritage issues.

icon Areas of Expertise:

  • Natural heritage guidance and advice relating to:
    • Official Plans
    • Official Plan reviews/updates
    • Secondary Plans
    • Master Environmental Servicing Plans
    • Watershed Plans
  • Greenbelt and/or Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Conformity Exercises (e.g., Natural Heritage Evaluations)
  • Development of Natural Heritage Systems
  • Review of natural heritage policies and guidelines
  • Provision of planning context for studies as part of environmental and impact assessments for infrastructure, energy, aggregate and land development studies

icon Selected Projects:

  • Town of East Gwillimbury Natural Heritage System
  • Lake Simcoe Watershed Natural Heritage System Development
  • Municipality of Port Hope Growth Management Strategy Review

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