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Beacon Environmental has extensive experience addressing natural environment constraints and opportunities related to various types and scales of land development. With decades of experience in land development of all types, we are able to expertly navigate the complex policy layers that govern land use change, which is the basis for a successful planning application.

Whenever possible, we strongly recommend a due diligence natural heritage assessment prior to the purchase of a property. With the increasing complexity of natural heritage policies, prospective land purchases for development can pose significant risk. Beacon can reduce this risk by conducting a preliminary assessment.

Beacon Environmental's team has provided their expertise for numerous projects related to proposed expansions, development or re-development of residential, commercial and industrial land uses.

icon Areas of Expertise:

  • Due Diligence Natural Heritage Assessments
  • Review of Official Plan Natural Hertiage Policies
  • Environmental Impact Studies (EIS)
  • Natural Heritage Evaluations within the Greenbelt, including the Oak Ridges Moraine
  • Natural Heritage Impact Studies
  • Assessment of Terrestrial, Wetland and Aquatic Habitats
    • Assessment of Woodlands, Wetlands, Valleylands and Streams
    • Fisheries Assessments, Mitigation and Compensation Plans
    • Species at Risk Studies
  • Tree Surveys / Arboricultural Studies
  • Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans
  • Habitat Creation, Naturalization or Restoration
  • Environmental Monitoring and Site Supervision

icon Selected Projects:

  • Aurora 2C Secondary Plan and various Environmental Impact Studies
  • Big Pay Point Resort Development Environmental Impact Study, Town of Innisfil
  • Toronto Ravine Bylaw / Stream and Valley Corridor Program Projects (various)