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Robin Latour

Robin Latour, BA, MPhil

Environmental Design Specialist
T. (519) 826-0419 ext. 34

icon Areas of Expertise:

Mapping for Environmental and Heritage Assessments ~ AutoCAD ~ GIS ~ Adobe ~ Topographic Survey
Robin is a GIS/CAD Specialist with over 10 years experience in digital mapping, illustration, and geomatics applications for environmental consulting and archaeology. Robin has contributed to energy and infrastructure assessments, cultural and natural heritage management plans, Environmental Impact Assessments, wind and solar farm development plans and final drawings and maps for popular publications and community presentations. She also has a wide range of experience with site-specific and topographic data capture, using Total Station, DGPS and RTK GPS. Robin can build 2D or 3D maps, and tailor data and graphics to meet project-specific needs. She is proficient with various data formats, and can integrate CAD, GIS and survey data, as well as other spatial information into one seamless product.

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