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Ryan Morin

Ryan Morin, B.Sc.

Ecologist / GIS Specialist
T. 705-645-1050 ext. 321

icon Areas of Expertise:

Terrestrial Inventory ~ Herpetofaunal Assessments ~ Species as Risk Assessments ~ Forest Ecology ~ Road Ecology ~ Facilitation and Outreach ~ GIS Analysis

Ryan has applied expereince in the environmental field working as an ecologist on both private and public projects. He has a strong ackground in the facilitation of land use planning negotiations between Aboriginal, corporate and government organizations, and land management outreach and community consultations. Ryan possesses well-developed terrestrial and wetland flora and fauna identification skills, knowledge of Species at Risk and their protection, and has extensive expereince with data collection and sampling methodologies. He has a thorough understanding of Forest Ecology as it relates to afforestation and regeneration, and is proficient in Ecological Land Classification. He is also an experienced GIS digital mapping specialist, with expertise in preparing reports and figures using ArcGIS software.

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