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Hydrogeological Investigations
Hydrogeological Investigations
Hydrogeological Investigations
Hydrogeological Investigations


Hydrogeological services at Beacon focus on evaluations of groundwater quantity, groundwater quality and groundwater impacts related to environmental assessments, environmental impact assessments and site plan applications.

Hydrogeological investigations provide key information toward successful development concepts and detailed designs including ground permeability and infiltration capacity at various scales, as well as current and anticipated high groundwater levels (which informs elements such as infrastructure trenching depths, basement depths and design and infiltration trench design).

Beacon’s Hydrogeology team is familiar with federal, provincial, municipal and conservation authority regulations, policies and guidelines that apply to both groundwater and soils. This knowledge, combined with their comprehensive technical expertise, is applied to assess existing groundwater conditions at any scale, characterize groundwater and surface water interactions, conduct dewatering discharge assessments, obtain permits to take water and environmental activity sector registrations and assess slope stabilities.


  • Groundwater level and quantity assessments
  • Water Supply Assessment’s
  • Analytical chemical assessments
  • Water Quality Assessments
  • Soil quality assessments
  • Long-term contaminant monitoring
  • Site and feature-based water balances
  • Groundwater and surface water interactions
  • Dewatering Discharge Assessments and permitting
  • Slope stability assessments and setbacks
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