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Beacon Environmental staff have conducted numerous studies for rare plant and animal species, and have been involved in habitat assessment and management for these groups, as well as the provision of status updates and recovery plans. Our staff are familiar with the current status lists for Species at Risk, as well as other provincial and regional status lists, and have also completed formal training (e.g., Fisheries and Oceans Canada Species-at-Risk Workshop, Butternut Health Assessment) to remain current regarding implementation of both the provincial Endangered Species Act and the federal Species at Risk Act.

icon Areas of Expertise:

  • Rare Species Assessments and Management Plans
  • Recovery Plans
  • Species Status Updates
  • Butternut Health Assessments
  • Redside Dace Strategies

icon Selected Projects:

  • Habitat Plan for Big Creek National Wildlife Area Species at Risk and Migratory Birds
  • Various Butternut Surveys, Health Assessments and Management Plans
  • Redside Dace – Endangered Species Act Permit for Siphon Repair at Bruce Creek

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